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“Our Commitment To Your Pet Lies In The Quality Of Our Care”

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At Showdogs Australia, we thoroughly enjoy what we do!

Elina is the senior pet groomer. Elina is not only trained in pet grooming, but also has a certificate in Pet Training. This allows her to interpret your pet's body language, ensuring that your pet is handled well and makes your pet's visits to us a pleasurable one. Elina talks to all pets in a very calm and reassuring manner before, during and after grooming.

Regular pet grooming is a very important aspect of pet care.

You can either learn to groom your pet yourself, or you can bring your pet to us for a makeover and a pampering.

We do recommend that you call us on 1300-838-738 to schedule an appointment to groom your pet, as our grooming appointments fill up quite quickly.

On your first visit please allow an extra 10 minutes at drop-off time to complete a New Customer sheet to allow us to collect important health, wellbeing and personal preference details and discuss your needs.

We always aim to be prompt as we appreciate time is important to you. Your pet will be booked in at a specific time and we will give you an estimated pick-up time. All appointments are staggered throughout the day. Once ready, we will call or send you an SMS text to your mobile. As the procedures vary for each pet, it is often difficult for us to pinpoint an exact time for you to collect your pet.

If you have specific time requirements, please advise at the time of your booking and we'll attempt to accommodate this.

By having your pet groomed with us, you have the advantage of a vet check should the groomer require a confirmation of their assessment of your pet, at no extra cost to you - it is just part of the service that we provide. As a groomer has their hands on every area of a pet's body, groomers often find issues that pet owners may not notice.

  • You can expect the following for your pet:-
  • Pre-bath brush and de-knotting
  • Ears plucked & cleaned
  • Nails trimmed
  • Full wash in warm fresh water (guaranteed no Hydrobath ever used)
  • Silky soft conditioners including Oatmeal & Protein
  • Fresh towels used for each pet - we never re-use bath towels
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Supervised toileting
  • Gentle warm air driers are used - your pet is never cold
  • Full brush & comb through to remove more excess hair & produce that 'finished' look

Your pet may be tired, after the groom, and may have a good sleep.

Proper grooming is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. A regular trip to the pet groomer helps keep fur shiny, ears clean, and nails healthy, and it also keeps your pet looking good

Regular grooming serves as an informal health check for your pet. A thorough grooming can help detect skin conditions, abnormal growths, ear and eye problems, and fleas and ticks.



Our Mission is:- “To be the premiere pet grooming facility in the community as judged by staff, clients, and peers while exercising prudent financial responsibility on a fair price basis”.


A reflection of our mission statement and how we do manage pets entrusted to our care is a realistic indication that we are not your average pet groomer. We are passionate about the manner in which we care for pets.










234 Power Road,

(corner Power Road & Heatherton Road),

Endeavour Hills


(opposite the 7 - ELEVEN Petrol Station, and just off the Monash Freeway)